LYSAGHT® brand has impressive history of over 150 years. The brand has withstood the rest of time and has set exemplary benchmarks for flexibility in its design. The product range includes timeless icons in steel roofing and wall cladding profiles that can efficiently cater to the diverse architectural requirements of the buildings.

The LYSAGHT® range of premium building products are manufactured from high quality steel products such as COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel.

For over a decade, LYSAGHT® roofing, walling, structural purlin and decking systems have been extensively used by thousands of construction projects throughout Asia and Australia. These include projects such as power stations, industrial buildings, airports, sports stadiums and other public buildings as well as commercial and residential buildings.

Our Research and Development team in Australia ensures the company stays at the forefront of technology through the most stringent testing procedures. When you install LYSAGHT® products you have the comfort of knowing that they have been designed and tested to withstand harsh conditions. Products are designed and tested for wind pressure, cyclonic conditions, hail, impact of falling debris, earthquakes and point load strength.


ZINCALUME® Steel is a globally acclaimed brand which is technically proven, corrosion resistant and high on quality. The brand is manufactured with global technology and product excellence. It comes with a 150 g/m² (AZ150) and 200 g/m² (AZ200) metal coating that lasts up to four times longer than galvanized steel of zinc coating in similar environmental conditions. Functional benefits such as Durability, Design Flexibility, and Thermal Efficiency and Environmental Friendly credentials set ZINALUME® steel a class part.

ZINCALUME® steel can be bent, folded, stamped, punched or crimped for easy fastening. The special resin coating reduces the need for lubricants for roll forming, making it less slippery and easier to handle. Its smooth satin-smooth finish has an ideal surface for easy painting.

Benefits of ZINCALUME® Steel

  • Long lasting and uniform physical appearance
  • Sustained good looks across the application
  • Improved resistance to early corrosion
  • Reduction in energy cost from better reflectivity over longer period
  • Lower maintenance costs resulting in saving in the long term


Our buildings certainly face some pretty challenging weather conditions from extremes of head, to dust, rain and wind. And it’s for this reason COLORBOND® steel is assessed at outdoor sites around Sri Lanka, as well as in accelerated laboratory testing. COLORBOND® steel undergoes corrosion testing, durability testing, application testing (to ensure it can be used in a wide range of building and manufacturing applications, and with all the common building products used across the industry) and outdoor exposure testing.

Features and Benefits of COLORBOND® Steel

  • Durability
  • COLORBOND® steel’s superior oven baked finish resists chipping, peeling and cracking. It’s also non-combustible, termite resistant, very secure against intruders and weight- tight, protecting your home against harsh conditions.

  • Design Flexibility
  • Not only does COLORBOND® steel provide more cope for interesting roof shapes, but it delivers a lightweight roofing solution that gives you the freedom to design a floor plan that better suits your lifestyles.

  • Hi- Tech Production
  • COLORBOND® steel is one of the most advanced roofing materials in the world. We start with a ZINALUME® steel base for outstanding anti corrosion performance. Next, a conversion layer is chemically applied to enhance coating adhesion. Then an epoxy primer is backed onto the surface. And finally, a durable exterior grade top- coat is baked on.

    The latest enhancement is an advanced Super Polyester pre- painted coating technology, that is proven to keep your roof looking newer for longer.

  • Thermal Efficiency
  • COLORBOND® steel is the thermally efficient roofing materials of choice that keeps your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • BlueScope steel is committed to recycling as much as possible. In fact, steel scrap is now a major component in BlueScope Steel’s production of new steel.

  • Color Choices
  • COLORBOND® steel’s modern range of designer colours offers a myriad of solutions for simply beautiful roofs if any environment.


THERMATECH® Solar Reflectance Technology is incorporated in to COLORBOND® steel to lower temperature by absorbing less heat from the sun. COLORBOND® steel can reduce annual cooling energy consumption by % and also reduces peak roof temperature by up to 6°C. In other words, THERMATECH® is able to increase the Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) of roofing material. SRI is a numerical number of a constructed surface’s ability to reflect solar heat. A standard black is 0 and a standard white is 100. Higher SRI values indicate a roof whose surface temperature is lower. The SRI mostly a function of a solar reflectance. A building material with a high solar reflectance will probably also have a high SRI.


LYSAGHT® TRIMDEK OPTIMA™ is a subtle square fluted steel cladding available in long lengths, which can be used in Industrial, Infrastructure, Commercial and Residential projects.

It has bold, widely spaced ribs and is available in long lengths, governed only by transportation considerations. Due to its strength, spanning ability, lightness and rigidity, wide support spacing can be used with safety. LYSAGHT® TRIMDEK OPTIMA™ can be curved by crimp curving process. It is available in both convex and concave shapes to provide versatility and creativity to building designs.

Base Metal Thickness 0.42mm
Total Coated Thickness (mm) 0.47 mm
Mass of Coating AZ 150
Metallic Coating Zinc- Aluminum Alloy Coating
Effective Cover Width (mm) 1015mm
Min. Roof Slope (Degree)

Design Advantages

  • Smart appearance with subtle square fluting
  • Simple, low cost fixing; economical to install
  • High tensile steel means design freedom with longer spans and wider spreads
  • Unique anti-capillary side lap which makes it leak proof
  • Manufactured from high strength ZINCALUME® steel or COLORBOND® steel
  • Available in a wide color range


The wider and durable steel tile profile provides as aesthetic pleasing appearance to the roof. SALIKE tile looks as elegant as traditional roof tiles. The profile is easy and quick to install, handle and transport. It is deal for commercial and residential applications. SALIKE tile is designed to provide aesthetic look to a building.

SALIKE Tile Profile
Base Metal Thickness 0.45mm
Total Coated Thickness (mm) 0.50m
Mass of Coating AZ 150
Metallic Coating Zinc- Aluminum Alloy Coating
Effective Cover Width (mm) 960mm
Min. Roof Slope (Degree)

Design Advantages

  • Specially designed anti capillary feature
  • Leak proof roofing solution
  • Enhanced aesthetics
  • Superior performance against all weather conditions
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • orrosion resistant


A subtle fluted wall cladding profile ideal for applications where a near flat surface are required. The longitudinal flutes provide rigidity along the length of the sheet while retaining full flexibility across the width.

PANELRIB® 1110 is an attractive, slightly fluted wall and ceiling cladding profile suitable for many applications where a flat sheet would not be normally considered. Its longitudinal flutes provide rigidity and strength along the length of the sheet while retaining full flexibility across the width.

LYSAGHT® Panelrib®
Base Metal Thickness 0.42mm
Total Coated Thickness (mm) 0.47 mm
Mass of Coating AZ 150
Metallic Coating Zinc- Aluminum Alloy Coating
Effective Cover Width (mm) 1115mm

Design Advantages

  • Slightly fluted panel gives attractive look
  • Lightest wall cladding for interior and exterior application
  • Provides easy solution for false ceiling and wall partition
  • Panels can be installed in horizontal as well as in vertical direction
  • Manufactured from high strength ZINCALUME® steel or COLORBOND® steel


From serve coastal environment to serve industrial environment, COLORBOND® Ultra is one of the most effective building material available to combat these harsh environments. Its coating consists of 55% Aluminum, 43.5% Zinc and 105% Silicon and comes with an AZ200 coating which means that for every square meter of steel, there is a minimum of 200 grams of Zinc Aluminum coating.

Natural Roof Lighting Solutions

Translucent white color sheets superbly helps lower heat transmission while allowing natural light into building extra durable ideal for building requiring heat transmission reduction with air conditioning.

Recommended translucent sheets which supplied along with LYSAGHT® TRIMDEK® OPTIMA™ are manufactured from premium quality Australian standards. Translucent sheets Opal color add illuminance inside building and save electricity.

LYSAGHT® ZED – plus™ and CEE -plus™

LYSAGHT® PURLINS in CEE & ZED SECTIONS are accurately roll-formed from high strength zinc coated steel to provide and efficient, lightweight, economical roofing and cladding support system for framed structures.

They are roll-formed from ZINC HI-TEN steel complying with AS 1397-1993. Both are made from HI TENSILE steel with a galvanized coating class of Z272 to give excellent corrosion protection.

LYSAGHT® CEE SECTION could be used in single spans and un-lapped continuous spans in construction, with the purlins butted over internal supports.

LYSAGHT®ZED SECTIONS, with one broad and one narrow flange are designed to nest neatly and are intended for lapping over internal support. They could be used over single spans and both un-lapped and lapped continuous spans in construction. Lapped continuous span result in a considerable capacity increase in the system.


  • High strength steel for better load carrying capability and greater spanning capability
  • Zinc coated to provide corrosion resistance
  • Light weight, easy and quick to install
  • Save 40-60% steel in comparison with Angle and Channel
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Cladding fixing is easier and quicker


LYSAGHT SMARTDEK® 51 Structural Decking System is an innovative “W” profile structural decking system. It offers better greater economy and design freedom since it is precision engineered and provides ease of use as well as safety. Its excellent spanning capabilities ensure greater strength and less deflection, specially suitable for construction of composite floor slab.

SMARTDEK® 51 panel has a rib depth of 51 mm and provides an effective cover width of 960 mm. Embossments on top of the flange provide excellent mechanical interlocking between steel and concrete. In the assembled state, the profile comprises of intermediate male and female ribs for every interlocking side-lap joint.


  • Excellent spanning capacities for greater strength and less deflection
  • Embossments provide mechanical interlock ensuring adequate composite action
  • Precision engineered; brings greater economy and design freedom
  • Ease of installation combined with safety
  • Saves on concrete and reinforcement cost
  • Greater corrosion resistance provides long life


LYSAGHT® Gutters are manufactured from COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® steel. LYSAGHT Guttering products come in a range of profiles to suit any style or application. There are four types of standard gutter designs available and custom made gutters also can be supplied as per the customer requirement.

Type A Gutter

Type B Gutter

Type C Gutter

Type R Gutter


  • Exclusively made from COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® steel
  • Superior strength and durability
  • Researched and tested for guaranteed performance
  • Log lasting aesthetical look
  • Choice of contemporary colours
  • Easy fixing methods
  • Less Installation cost

Downpipe and Accessories

To complete its range of drainage solution, we offer roll formed downpipes and down ender manufactured from ZINCALUME® and a wide range of COLORBOND® steel colours.


Barge Flashing

Plain Ridge

Crimp Curve


The fasteners (screws/rivets) used to fix cladding and the accessories should have the same service life as the cladding product with which they are to be used. Screws used for attaching panels and trims to girt and purlins are confirming to Australian standard AS3566: 2002 class 3-4.

  • High corrosion resistant coating
  • Equivalent to service life of LYSAGHT® profiles
  • Provides 4-6 times more life than conventional galvanized fasteners
  • Unique shank protection system minimizes damage to the protective coating on the screw
  • Grip sheeting towards the seal to maximize water-proof ability
  • Strong self-tapping drill point and durable washer
  • To maximize water tightness, always place roof screws with EPDM washers with shank guard through the crests. For walling, you may use either crest or valley-fixing

Engineering Support

  • Engineering support through advanced design software
  • End-to-end cladding and structural steel solutions
  • Skilled workforce with consultative expertise

Wider Range

  • Specially designed profiles for varied segments & applications
  • Overall cost efficiency due to optimized steel solutions
  • Superior quality paint and coating system with long lasting aesthetics

Customer Focus

  • Our association with our customers enables us to deliver superior products and tailor-made solutions
  • Speedy response and shorter lead time with PAN India sales network
  • Practicing world-class safety standards in construction

Quality Solutions

  • World-class manufacturing facilities with advanced roll-forming equipment
  • High strength material with design flexibility
  • Strong R&D support from BlueScope Steel, Australia

LYSAGHT® range of premium products are manufactured from high quality steel products such as COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel. These products are globally acclaimed for design flexibility, high quality and service excellence.

The LYSAGHT® brand’s product superiority is well complemented by Tata BlueScope Steel’s expertise in offering customised solutions for diverse applications.

For over decades, LYSAGHT® roofing, wall cladding, purlins and decking systems have been extensively used in construction projects across the globe. These projects have successfully catered to the diverse architectural requirements of industrial buildings, power stations, sports stadiums, railway stations, airport buildings, etc as well as commercial and residential buildings.

Research and Development

LYSAGHT® brand’s on-going commitment to research and development is the driving force behind its continuous business development. Over the years, BlueScope’s LYSAGHT® research and development center has maintained its leading business, focused on customers need and the pursuit of excellence and innovation. Driven by high quality and integrity, the centre is a fully accredited testing authority.

Our Research and Development team ensures we stay at the forefront of technology through continuous excellence towards new product research, product development and applying the most stringent testing procedures.

Our products are fully tested before being released in the market for wind pressure, hail, impact of falling debris, earthquake and point load strength. The claddings are also tested for cyclonic as well as non-cyclonic conditions using the latest methods by applying simulated wind pressure.

Engineering Capabilities

Tata BlueScope Steel has developed a reputation for excellence through its ability and experience to assist customers. The team of technical professionals is fully equipped with world-class design software. Right from the beginning of the design process, through the completion of construction and maintenance of the building, the team works with you to provide the best solution.

Our range of technical support includes - system solution consultancy, initial system solution design, customised solution design, engineering calculations, construction layout, detailed design (including flashing, ventilation, natural lighting, etc.), insulation instructions and after sales service.

Advanced manufacturing Capability

Tata BlueScope Steel has five strategically located manufacturing facilities operational at Pune (Maharashtra), Bhiwadi (Rajastan), Sriperumbudur (Tamil Nadu) and Jamshedpur (Jharkhand). These state-of-the-art facilities have a roll forming capacity of over 1.5 lakh million tones / per annum and manufacture high strength steel products with improved resistance to oil canning and edge rippling defects. Our plants are equipped with high end equipments from top notch machine suppliers such as Bradbury and Hayes.

World –Class Safety and Environment Standards

Our plants follow strict process governed by ISO 9001, ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management System and OHSAS 18001:2007 on Safety System.

  • Roofing and Walling
  • Purlin
  • Structural Decking
  • Steel Building